Monday, November 10, 2014

A Lazy Couple of Days/Pre-Thanksgiving I am...

...I've had a lazy couple of days.

So, hubster left on Saturday and I haven't left the house since then...and I've had a fine time!  I've got a ton of stuff that I could do, but I've done absolutely nothing except chill.

The good thing about hubster going out of town is that it makes eating easier.  He likes a lot more variety than I do - I'll eat the same thing day in, day out.  I did change it up a little yesterday and made the most kick-ass omelet I think I've ever made - I impressed myself!  But I think it was the cast iron skillet that did it.  Yannow when they're perfectly seasoned, it seems almost impossible to screw up anything you cook in it - and nothing sticks! 

So exactly what have I done?  Well - I moved from the upstairs to the downstairs - it didn't seem right to actually stay in bed all day!  I did a lot of computer work, I shredded three kitchen trash bags of credit card offers, I gave Lucky her subcutaneous fluids twice a day - she's taking it VERY well, I cleaned the litter box, I cooked when I was hungry, and I vegged and read a ton of blogs.

Today though I did just a LITTLE exercise.  I have a set of hand weights in front of the fire place  When I walked in the family room today, I swear they were looming.  So I did a little bit of arm work.  I couldn't figure out why I was so weak at the end of each set.  When I put the weights down at the end, I saw they were 15 lb weights.  I thought they were 10 lbs.  I'm such a dumbass!  lol

Thanksgiving is here in 17 days.  Karla said in her awesome blog that she was gonna be on spot and on point until Thanksgiving so that she could enjoy the day without feeling that she was derailing herself.  I think this is a good plan.

I've been thinking about Thanksgiving a lot since everyone will be here for a week.  When I think about what we've eaten for Thanksgiving week over the last few years, there's not a lot that I will have an issue with or have a difficult time adapting.

Except the macaroni and cheese. 

Since I've started this journey, many folks have talked about trigger foods and foods they can't put down once they start eating the.  I don't have any of that at all.  At least I didn't until I thought about the macaroni and cheese we have at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It IS my trigger food.

I like all the other stuff we have at the holidays, but I *LOVE* the macaroni and cheese.  We make it from scratch - mama's recipe, but I make it now - and it's the thing I get a second helping of, the thing that I eat again two hours later even though I'm not hungry, the thing I have for breakfast the next morning.

We always have a variety of pies - pumpkin, pecan, coconut, etc., along with a bunch of other dessert-y type things.  I can take a bite or not - it doesn't bother me either way, but that macaroni and cheese is a whole nuther Oprah!

I've got 17 days to decide what to do.  Since it's something I have only twice a year, I'm not going to NOT have it.  The thing I have figure out is how I'm going to handle and control it.  Right now at this moment, I don't know how I'm going to do it.  I imagine some turkey with a bunch of beans and a boatload of macaroni and cheese.

It'll be the first pasta I've eaten since last Christmas.  Perhaps the carb shock from the pasta will make me sick and my body will reject itself and I'll never want to eat macaroni and cheese again.  Nah - that's not gonna happen.

Perhaps I'll eat some of the macaroni and cheese and get full really fast and get a stomach ache so I won't eat anymore.  Perhaps I'll make less - usually I make a HUGE pan cuz everyone loves it.  Wait - I wonder if that's an excuse.  Perhaps every one else only likes it and I'm the one loves it and I project that on to everyone else...I have to make it for THEM.  That way, I can make a huge pan without feeling guilty because I'm the real pig.  And of course, that means there's a lot...too much...macaroni and cheese left over.

Maybe it'll turn out like the potatoes did one year.  Maybe it'll get burned.

Like I said, I've got 17 days to figure it out.  Like Karla, I'm gonna be diligent, studious, full force, all in, no cheating.  I'm hoping that will help.

I gotta say - and this is incredibly stupid - I'm starting to get pissed off at the thought of this macaroni and cheese.  I'm feeling deprived and I haven't even had it yet!

What are you gonna do?  Do you have a Thanksgiving weakness?



  1. I have decided not only no dressing/stuffing (a previous favorite)...which was a no-brainer because of all the bread in it, but probably no gravy either because of the flour. At most, maybe one tablespoon. My emotional sobriety, as Garden Girl Karen would say, is just too important to me right now. Control is too important. Self Esteem is too important. The weight issue is minor; I'll lose quickly enough anything I might indulge's the emotional control and self-pride that I don't want to lose. Not even for a day.

  2. I don't have a trigger food per se, I just have a problem with eating way too much of it! The one thing for me is eating a sweet makes me want something salty, then I feel to salty I need something sweet again... You see where I get in trouble? Lol

  3. funny reading this... mac and cheese only makes it to our Thanksgiving table if one of my daughters friends attends... otherwise (because she also makes it from scratch) it just was never a Thanksgiving menu option

  4. "Precheating" it is a term used to describe eating off plan when a big event is scheduled. That was and still can be my nemesis. When a big eating event is coming up, I used to just throw in the towel knowing I was going to screw up so why even bother.

    Giving it a name made it real and made me decide to do something about it.

    I finally discovered the precheating was doing far more damage than the actual day. Now, I make it my practice to allow a guilt free indulgence only at that event. It makes it easier to stay on track before hand, and get back on track after.

  5. Mama's Chicken and is awesome. I will eat a little and enjoy, the next day, its back on track.

  6. Mac and Cheese is my #1 weakness. The very smell of the noodles cooking makes me float Fred Flinstone style to the pot. I don't know what I'd do. It's not served with Thanksgiving in our end of North America. I'm glad our Thanksgiving is's stressful reading about your American's dealing with it!


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