Saturday, November 22, 2014

Just a quickie I am...

...This is just a quickie, but I feel like I have to stop for a second and just write something.

It's Saturday morning and I'm getting ready to head to Baltimore to pick up my mother, who is the first of the Thanksgiving arrivals.  My daughter arrives this afternoon.  Hubster's uncle called last night and wants to come visit tonight, so we're excited to see him as well.  My son, sister, and niece arrive on Wednesday, so that will complete the arrivals.  My son has two friends who will not be with family this year, so they're coming and we're happy to have them with us - it is the more the merrier!

I love this time of year - mostly because it means my family is together and I get to see my favorite people.  We're lucky in that we get along and there's no family drama.

A friend of mine's daughter passed away unexpectedly - Alissa was 34 years old - brain aneurysm.  I can't fathom the depth of what my friend, the husband, and the kids are feeling and experiencing.  It makes me all the more aware of how fortunate I am.  God Bless Mona's family and RIP Alissa.

I weighed this morning - my weight is coasting along the same path.  My goal for the week is for my week to be the same next Saturday as it is today - 254.2.

Just FYI - Maggie the Cat has decided that she wanted to be inside my robe next to my skin while I wrote this morning.  All you can see is her head and it looks like it's coming out of my chest itself - wish I had a picture!



  1. Safe arrivals to everyone! Hope yall enjoy your time together!

  2. Do you get the week off to spend with everyone? I hope so! You have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving Lucky! Enjoy all those wonderful people that you have in your life! Sorry about your friends daughter ... no parent should have to go through that ... can't even wrap my head around it.

  3. I love that Thanksgiving is such a drawn out, family time in the USA. In Canada, it's a long weekend and we get together with family, but it seems to be a bigger deal in your end of the continent. Enjoy!

  4. Enjoy your family! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  5. So sorry about the death; how horrifying. :( Enjoy your holiday/family!

  6. Lucky Mama, I'm so sorry to read about that horrible tragedy. I can't even imagine the pain in that loss.
    You've got a wonderful attitude and perspective, LM. Thank you for taking a moment and posting on your way out--I hope it was a good trip.
    No family drama=Good!! Would love to see a picture of you and Maggie!

  7. Doing a super job keep the positive attitude.

  8. Oh no, so sorry to hear about your friends daughter! But hope your holidays are wonderful!

  9. Hmmm Lucky ... where are you???? We are waiting on that picture of you and your mom!


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