Sunday, November 16, 2014

Low-keyed I am...

....feeling low-keyed.

I've been arguing with myself for the last hour about whether or not I'm gonna write anything because well...just because.

It's been a quiet weekend.  Hubster and I made our Costco run yesterday.  We're trying to get a new patio door order, but it's turning into quite the chore and we can't seem to find the appropriate replacement - it's just irritating the shit out of me.  Other than another few errands, we've been home all weekend.

One thing that keeps running through my mind...and I wish I could remember the a comment that someone made in a blog (I remember it was a her) that she could stay on track "...for exactly one day."  When I read the comment, I chuckled but knew exactly what she was talking about.

I surely don't have any answers for how to be 100% successful - I'm sure as hell not.  The only thing I can do is keep plugging away...and that's what I've been doing.

The weekend has been on point.  Last week was pretty much on point as well, though we did eat out twice last week - the evening hubster got home and Friday night.  Not exactly sticking to what I said I was going to do.

In both instances, I ate well.  I kept it to meat and veggies and kept the bread and sugar at bay.  I think there are several problems:  1)  There's a bunch of sodium in restaurant food so even if I don't fall off the wagon, the sodium isn't my friend; 2)  The portions are larger and my problem isn't so much the type of food, but rather the quantity of food.

The night hubster got home, we had steak - ribeye for me and while I gave hubster a chunk of it, I still had too much.  On Friday evening, I had a skirt steak salad with some wings.  Again - no sugar or bread, just too much sodium and too much food.

I've tried to be very conscious this weekend of the amount of food I eat.  I've become an intermittent food tracker - and am trying to become more of an "on" food tracker.  So I've tried in some instances to decrease the amount.  In some instances, I've halved the amount - like the cheese and sopressata.  We had split chicken breasts for dinner tonight.  These guys are usually pretty meaty and I'll eat the entire breast  I weighed it tonight and it weighed 416 grams - that's almost a pound (454 grams) - and that was my breast.

Clearly, I don't need that much, but I told myself that I'd pay attention, eat the green beans, and stop when I was full.  When I stopped eating, I weighed the remainder - there was just about half of it left - 194 grams.  I'll have the rest of it tomorrow in a salad for lunch.

Yannow - I felt for a long time that I was walking on firm ground - solid concrete - and getting somewhere.  For the last while, it seems like I'm trudging through shifting sand.

I'm trying to get on firm ground again.

Know this - I will not give up.



  1. I'm so glad your not giving up. You can do this you have made tremendous progress this year and it isn't over yet!
    Just look at your over all calories look at the micros watch the carbs they can be killer, try to get your water in, stay out of the salt its nobody's friend. If you haven't read the Sunny Coconuts post today its excellent go read it. Lynn over at Escaping Obesity wrote quite a heart felt post too!
    Also try to sneak a little walking in (helps with stress) Get your sleep in. That my friend are my best tips. Onward you go!

  2. One day at a time will add up to a lot of successful days.

    I agree with you on restaurant portion sizes; when my husband and I started splitting an entree, we couldn't believe that our stomachs would be satisfied, but we were. It's hard to not eat ALL THE FOOD when the present it to you, I know. Good job with that!

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    1. I need to start tracking my food consumption ... food journals I think is are an important tool that I just have not made use of ... and I need to at this point

  4. I have the exact same issues with eating out, sodium and quantity. I do so much better eating at home. Even then, I have my 'on plan cheating' like eating a whole steak because it doesn't have carbs! Oh the things, I do to myself. Sigh.

  5. Keep pluggin' away is what will bring you (us) success!


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