Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thanksgiving pic...revisited I am...

...with a Thanksgiving pic...revisited.

We had a great Thanksgiving holiday - it's always such a deep-down, feel good feeling when I have my favorite people - my family - with me.  We had a few eventful things happen - hubster cut his finger on an oyster shell and kept passing out - and I mean passing out COLD - like he has every time he's seen his own blood for the last 35 years.  He and my daughter had bandaged the cut, so I couldn't see it.  Their description - verbatim - was, "It's deep - real deep.  It needs stitches."  After the ER doctor sees the cut and actually snorts a little, they put some glue on it and send him home.  Hubster will NEVER live this down.

Thanksgiving itself was great - most of the food was good, except for the pumpkin pies.  I make them from scratch...and forgot to add ANY sugar at all.  We ended up with store-bought pumpkin pies.

As I said before, macaroni and cheese is my downfall.  And as planned, I fixed the macaroni and cheese this year.  I made a smaller pan - I think it was a smaller pan.  At dinner, I got what I wanted - and it was a larger serving.  I was SO looking forward to having it - really looking forward to it.  Can I just tell you that I was disappointed?  I don't know if I did something differently or my taste buds have changed, but the reality didn't fit the memory at all.

I didn't have any more that night - hubster put all the leftovers in the basement refrigerator.  In past years, I've made regular treks down to the basement to get seconds, thirds, and fourths.  Truth be told, on Thanksgiving evening, I didn't think any more about it after dinner.

On Sunday, everyone was gone and I had the thought of having some.  I went downstairs and got some - and again, the taste just didn't fit the memory.  The messed up thing about it though is that I had the thought of getting some more - perhaps it would taste better then.

That's when I caught myself.  If it didn't taste awesome on Thanksgiving and wasn't awesome four days later, it wasn't gonna miraculously change...dumbass.  I didn't trust myself about it though and asked hubster to throw it all away.  Later on Sunday evening, I rummaged through the refrigerator looking for that stupid mac and cheese - it was not there so I was thankful.  My sensible self had preemptively helped my weak self.

It seems that one of our Thanksgiving traditions is for one or two of us to get sick.  I thought we had all escaped sickness this year.  I was wrong - it was just a delayed onset.  I didn't feel good at all on Monday morning.  By mid-morning, I had an upset stomach and felt nauseated  By evening, I had hot and cold sweats and couldn't get warm at all.  I buried myself under blankets and stayed there.  I stayed home from work on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I feel a bit better but I still have an upset stomach that just won't go away.

To a person, everyone commented on how much more weight I had lost even though my weight has stayed static since the end of July (which is when everyone saw me).  I've said before that even though my weight has stayed the same, my body has changed quite a bit.  I was in 20's in July, now I'm in a baggy 18, so I don't know what's going on.  In any event, I was happy folks noticed...and commented!

So - about the Thanksgiving picture.  My mother - hi Mama!! - reads the blog, so she knew that I wanted to take a pic of the two of us together in the same spot as last year - a global progress photo if you will.  Funny thing is Mama is wearing the same jacket as last year as well.  Hubster was being his usual bad self when taking the pics, but we had a lot of fun recreating last year's pic.

Without further adieu - here's the pics:

Thanksgiving 2013
Thanksgiving 2014
Whaddya think?  Can you see a difference?

Tomorrow I'll explain some of the stress of the last few months.  For today, suffice it to say that my news is that we're moving...clear across the country.  I'm excited about being there, but I'm sure as hell not excited about getting there!



  1. Wow - what a difference!!! And, not just in your face either. All over, big difference. Most of all, you look far more comfortable in your own skin. Uhm, how does your Mama keep so trim and why did she not pass on her stellar genetics? :) My theory on your mac and cheese is that it didn't taste as good because you weren't using it emotionally. There's something about that stuff that fills and satisfies when the spirit is down and stressed, but taste alone, it's kinda bland. I think because you were tasting it as food and not as a filler, it was different.

  2. HUGE difference! Besides being physically smaller you look happier!

  3. The pictures are wonderful and yes you can see a difference. That is great that he threw that out so when you was tempted it wasn't there.

  4. You can definitely see the difference between this year and last! You look great and your mama looks like a very nice lady.

    A few months ago I moved (only 3 hours away) and I thought that was a big deal! Hope you love your new home.

  5. REALLY big difference! Plus, you look super happy too.

    Sorry about the stress of the upcoming move!

  6. I see a big difference from one year to the next too plus you look so much happier:) I don't envy you having to move but I am sure you will handle it with grace and style. Looks like you had a
    successful Thanksgiving.

  7. I can certainly see a difference. Good for you!

  8. You look great! And I love that your mom wanted to recreate the it again next year!

  9. WOW ... There is an indisputable difference ... look how different that coat fits ... Girl your body IS changing !!! And your expression!!! WOW ... Big Big difference ... way to go! Awesome job! I think the mac-n-cheese didn't taste as remembered because you are eating cleaner. Good Job having hubby throw it away before you ate it out of habit

    Again super awesome picture! Can't wait for next year's picture! Totally cool!

  10. Awesome job there is a huge difference! You look so happy thanks for sharing!


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