Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Second leg - Memphis to Kansas City, MO

Well...here I am...

We've finished the second leg of the trip...going from Memphis to Kansas City,  MO.

For the most part, things are going well.  Food today wasn't so good.  Started out with a great breakfast of bacon, but lunch was a burger and fries in the car

I felt guilty about the burger, so when dinner rolled around and we got settled in the hotel with the menagerie, hubster volunteered to find dinner.

I knew it would be fast food and I was tempted, but I told him to get a salad for me.  He came back with a chicken salad - fried not grilled, but he was tired I'm sure and I wasn't going to rag on him for that.  We are definitely tired.

This morning, we're heading for Cheyenne.  Btw, the La Quinta lets animals stay free.  Being that we are traveling with 3 dogs, 1 cat, and 2 birds, we're thankful.  The room was good - no animal smell at all...at least not when we arrived.

My only problem was the breakfast - no protein at all - all empty carbs, so that was a bust.  I ended up with a meat lovers taco at a taco place.  Not the best, but better than Danish and doughnuts.

We're listening to 70's music as we drive down the road.  Did you know that hubster and I are award-winning Grammy   singers???  In our head of course!



  1. Just continue to do the best that you can, and once you are landed, then back at the good clean eating. :)

  2. Good for you for making the best of the situation and not eating all those empty carbs for breakfast.

  3. LOL ... Can I have ya'll autograph? Didn't know I was following a rock star! agree with Gwen do the best ya can ... and don't worry about it. Ya can't expect perfection ... just progress!

  4. Get "home" soon! It's always easier to eat safe in the comfort of your own kitchen. You're amazing for not throwing it all to the wind. :)

  5. How ya doing? did you make it and are all settled and doing good? miss your posts

  6. I keep checking back for an update... Hope your are getting settled in all right ... looking forward to here all about it!

  7. How's it going? See you weighed in a week or so ago with only a 2 pound gain which is amazing and wonderful.


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