Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Snow Day

Well...here I am...

...having a snow day.

Snow fell last night - more than predicted - so there were a bunch of traffic snarls today.  Hubster and I decided to go in late, but when we heard how bad the roads were, we decided to stay home.  It worked out just as well.  I went back to sleep and woke up to a beautiful omelet under my nose.

Hubster woke me up and said, "It weighs 6.8 ounces and has two eggs."  How sweet is that?!?!?!  It was a really good omelet too!

I got a lot done today.  I've got the basement almost completely sorted and I have another two 33 gallon bags of shredded paper.  I'm glad to be getting rid of the paper.  It's a bit freeing.  The Goodwill pile is getting quite large though.

Also got the call today that they'd like to close on the 29th because of all the end of the month activity.  This means we may have to hustle a bit more.  We'll try, but who knows what the roads are gonna be like.


I was going along my merry way in the basement today and realized that I was REALLY hungry to the point of not feeling good.  I rummaged through the refrigerator and had 4 chicken wings - that totally took care of my hunger.

Hubster made crab cakes and beans for dinner tonight.  They were particularly good because I didn't make them!  I've generally been the crab cake maker around here, but I just didn't want to make them tonight.  Hubster did a good job!

I said before that this month is gonna be a challenge and it is.  I ate out twice yesterday.  The first was lunch with a co-worker.  It was only the cafeteria, but the cafeteria is buffet.  It was a bit different this time because I started out with putting salad on my plate.  It was a little thing, but it made a big difference because it filled up the plate and limited the amount of space remaining on the plate for OTHER food.  I will do it again since I will be eating in the cafeteria with a different co-worker tomorrow!

We also ate out late night.  It wasn't intended as we're trying to eat all the food in the freezer, but my son forgot to take something out to defrost.  We ended up going to a wing place.  I got medium wings - about 12 - and a regular-sized salad.  After I had eaten about 5 wings and half of the salad, I realized that I was full and really didn't have any more appetite.

So guess what?  I quit eating!!  What a NOVEL concept!!  I've got to figure a way to make this work since it's gonna be happening a lot.  I hope to maintain that awareness of being full throughout the coming weeks.  I also hope to maneuver the food situations as well as I did yesterday.

And by the way - I didn't have the macaroons at the races on Saturday night - I forgot to mention that before.

I keep going back and forth on what to do about the drive across country.  I thought I'd buy a big ol' bag of Costco nuts, but then I think I'd just eat out of boredom.  Then I thought that we'd just get something when we stopped to stretch, but that will be expensive.  I think I'm starting to settle on buying individual-sized snacks from Costco - it will be cheaper and perhaps keep me from boredom eating since it's individual-sized.  Thinking about beef jerky too, but I need to find some that's light on the sodium.

That's what's in the ol' noggin today!



  1. Yay on getting more stuff ready for your move! get some raw veggies if you enjoy them, I find them good for chewing without the guilt. Stay safe and warm!

  2. Good for you for stopping eating when you felt full. That is so hard for me, particularly when I am out and am paying for the food. I'll get a to go box if the food is of the sort to reheat well. That helps.

  3. I love to shred!!! It is freeing ... I don't know why I always let it build up. Good for you for listening to your body about being full, that is an accomplishment! For your trip across country what about pre-measured bags of nuts, cheese, Jerky and cut veggies? that would be a hard one ... I don't know what I would do ... let us know how you handle that ... that is a hard one!
    Retha aka ... Feet

    1. Feet - You're right - shredding is freeing!!! And I'm not missing the shredded stuff at all!

  4. Snow days and chicken wings...two of my favourite things! Unfortunately, a whole lot of snow and ice need to fall in my area to grant us a snow day.

    1. Two inches here and they close everything. Two days later schools are still opening 2 hours late But to be honest, folks around here can't drive for beans!

  5. Hooray for you for stopping when you were full! As far as the cross country drive, I find the best thing to do is to not eat in the car at all. Radical, I know, but it's way too easy to snack and snack and snack. Instead we usually get hard-boiled eggs at the hotel breakfast. And when we stop around lunch time for gas, I get a salad with protein. Then we don't eat again until dinner. But I don't snack between meals when I'm home, so it doesn't make any sense for me to snack in the car when I'm really not expending any energy. At the very least take lots of cut up vegetables if you feel you must have something. Good luck with making the best decision for you!

  6. YAY for intuitive eating!!! I love snow days...if inside my house is cozy and I have a good book to read :) And GO raw veggies! I like to eat foods that are RAW--recently alive and well!

  7. those big ole bags and containers of nuts at Costco and me do not get along.... it's like a challenge
    Can this be eaten in less than a day?
    not on my shopping list any longer


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