Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A jumble of stuff I am...

...Today has been a big ol' jumble of stuff.

First, I got up and walked...AGAIN!...this morning.  It was a bit tougher this morning even though I got more sleep last night.  We walked to yet the next post this morning.  I'm going to measure it at mapmywalk, but I think it's right at 1.5 miles now in about 23-25 minutes - I'll take it.  I was quiet on the first half of the walk this morning, but enjoyed hearing the other two ladies talk.  I'm comfortable enough with them that I don't feel compelled to talk and can remain quiet if I feel like it.

Lots of stress at work today - nothing went the way it was planned with a few zingers thrown in for good measure.

Then I got some bad family news - my father's wife has been ill and I was told that her life expectancy is "a few months".  Incredibly sad news.  I feel helpless to help them, especially from thousands of miles away.  The end of life shouldn't be full of illness for anyone.  I have a business trip next week and will get to visit them on either side of the trip, so I'm thankful for that.

On to good news, my son and his friend arrived and got here just before I got home from work.  It was good to see them and they both had a good trip across the country.  Youth - don't you just love it??

Fun fact:  My son was with me when I wrote and posted my very first blog post.

Food today was okay until dinner time.  Burgers and beer.  A single beer for me.  It was interesting though.  My son and hubster were sitting across from me and my son's friend was sitting next to me.  As we sat there and talked, my mind flashed back to two 11-year-old boys who loved blowing up stuff in the back yard.  They would love to put dry ice in a plastic bottle, close the lid, and then put an aluminum trash can over it.  The sublimation of the dry ice would cause the pressure in the bottle to REALLY build up and then explode with a big ol' loud BOOM!  The trash can just added to the loudness.  They would delight and giggle just like boys at that age.  I loved it.

And here I am drinking a beer with them.  It was just odd.  Particularly on the heels of the news about my step-mother.

Anyway - that was the day.

I'm not walking tomorrow since neither of the women will be at work tomorrow morning.  However, we'll be back to it on Thursday.  I'm glad that I'm sticking with the plan we're setting out.   I'd thought about just walking alone, but I'm not there...yet.


  1. So sorry about your step mom, and your dad having to go through that with her. :( :: hugs ::

  2. Yay to a walking schedule! Yay to family being home. And regarding dinner - you didn't over do it, so it's a success in my books. Sorry about your sad news.

  3. Sorry about your Dad's wife. That is hard news to get from far away.

    Enjoy the time with your son. Soon enough this time will be a memory like the trash can bombs.

  4. So sorry to hear about your father's wife.

    I can relate to those flashbacks with adult kids. Sometimes I look at my adult daughter and see 6-year old her looking back at me.

  5. Congrats for walking!!! One wall at a time!

    Hugs to you on the family member who is ill.


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