Sunday, June 14, 2015

A quickie I am...

...felt I needed to check in for a quickie update.

It's been a tough week.  LOTS of eating out since our son and his friend are home, but I'm handling it fairly well.  It's not optimum by any means, but I'm leaving off the white stuff and loading up of veggies.


I had an emergency visit to the dentist today.  I have horrendous pain in my upper left jaw.  The last time I had this type of pain, I had a tooth that had broken in half in my jaw - lots of awfulness.

Anyway, I have a CT - of all things - scheduled for tomorrow morning and then a doctor's visit where I will either have a root canal, a tooth extraction, or nothing.  X-rays today were not definitive and I'm not willing - even with the pain - to have anything drastic done until I know.  Sundays aren't good days for this sort of thing I guess.  Plus finding a new dentist in a new town for an emergency when you're not an established patient was a bit of a challenge.

I've got painkillers that I haven't had since the cancer days.  Doc wanted a Z-Pak, but I refused until an infection is confirmed.

I hate this happening with my son and his friend here.  They are so witty, lively, and sassy.  Looking at my son reminds me of his father at that age.  He's young and has time on his side and he's making the most of it - I'm proud of him.  Graduate school starts in the fall.

Anyway - I'm loopy and off to bed.  Even with these painkillers, the sunuvabitch hurts.



  1. I hope they figure out what is wrong
    and fix it quick. I hope you feel better
    soon. I'm sayn a prayer for you right now.
    Take care.

  2. Ouch!!!! I hope you get a definitive answer quickly and that it is an easy fix!!!!!

  3. you poor thing! I hope it gets resolved quickly and effectively. :(

  4. Oh no! Nothing like dental pain to stop you dead in your tracks. Hope it's fixed soon.

  5. Ouch! Hope you find out soon what is causing it and that the recovery won't be too difficult.


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