Friday, June 5, 2015

And I did it again I am...

...and I did it again.

Yep - that's right, I got up before the crack o'dawn and walked.  It was a bit tougher today - it took 3 slaps on the snooze alarm before I got up, but I did.  That extra 10 minutes was good for the sleeping, but tough for getting there on time.  I really had to hoof it to get ready and get out the door.

We walked to the next post today, so just a little further, but we walked a little faster and got back a few minutes earlier than yesterday.  I still didn't like it.

I'm looking for and trying to internalize the positive aspects of this walking at the crack of dawn thing.  So along with getting this *THING* done before 6:30 in the morning, I'm getting an awesome parking spot, so there is a plus to that.  As well, by the time 8 am rolled around, I'd been up for hours and had gotten lots of work done.

The good thing about all of this - I don't have to get up way before the crack of dawn again until Monday.  I know I shouldn't look at it like this, but I do and I'm working on it!

Food today wasn't good.  There was an event at work and a buffet lunch was served.  I hadn't taken my lunch, so the buffet it was.  I've avoided buffets for years because I've never handled them well - like a pig to a trough.  It was a bbq pork sandwich with beans, cole slaw, and salad.  While the food wasn't the most nutritious, I also took too much of it.  Not good.  Then I swiped a mini Snickers mid-afternoon.  It's interesting because I feel my behavior at lunch was much worse than my behavior about the Snickers.  I did stop at one with the Snickers and I did savor the taste - I think that's okay.

So, hubster was out for a work dinner tonight and asked if I wanted to join them, but I declined and came home.  When I thought about dinner, my thoughts strayed to all sorts of things and I considered a lot of options...all of them bad.

And why did I consider them???? Because I was actually saying to myself, "Well - you've already screwed the day up.  Might as well go ahead."  I caught myself before I tossed in the towel and ate trashy stuff.  I wonder how often I've done that without realizing it?  I'm gonna have to keep an eye on that.

There's painter's tarp all over the house - folks are here painting.  They'll paint the dining room tomorrow - it's a beautiful red.  We've painted the ceiling a light yellow to remove the starkness of the red/white combo and to remove the Christmas feel.  I'm excited.  I've not posted about all the house renovation/remodeling we're doing, but we're making good progress and the house is looking mahvelous!



  1. Great job on the walk! I would like to see pics of your dining room when its finished. The yellow ceiling sounds interesting.

    I too have been pondering early morning workouts. I will sometimes then I will just roll over and hit the snooze button. It's a hard habit to start...

  2. Way to go! The more you get up and walk, the more you'll WANT to get up and walk.

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  4. oops I see you get spammed also ... danged spammers

  5. Okay, then I"m doing it too! Walking this afternoon. Now that I have finished work until the next school year, I have zero excuses.

  6. I am proud of you for walking. Maybe it will become a habit soon and won't seem like so much of a chore.

    Post some pics of the home redo. My dining room is red too!


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