Sunday, June 7, 2015

At the end of the weekend I am... the end of the weekend.

It's been a really busy weekend.  Friday was super busy and food sucked.  Fast food for breakfast and lunch and then a restaurant for dinner.  I wasn't off the rails at any of them - just the main food with no fries, etc.  But still, it was 3 meals out in one day.

So - the scale is up.  I don't even need the scale to know it's up.  I can feel it in my feet.

Yesterday was fine because I didn't the house.  Today we were out and about and had lunch.  I ordered a salad and everything was fresh and good - it really was a good salad.  I'd thought about ordering a sandwich, but thought better of it.  So I was doing alright there.

And then came the "blast".  We stopped at Sonic for Happy Hour to get a drink.  Mindlessly, I ordered a mini blast, but got a medium instead.  It was a mistake on their end, but really it was a mistake on my end.

Sonic is difficult for me.  Period.  We didn't have them in Maryland, so it was out of sight, out of mind.  However, there are several in the local area and I pass one of them about half the time.  I've got to learn how to handle it better.  It's not like I go every day or stop every time I pass it, but it's just easy to do.  The big reason?  Honestly - it's the ice.  I *love* their ice!  If I could just keep it at the ice, it'd be great

Tomorrow is Monday and I'm supposed to get up at 4 am to walk.  I will do it, but it's still incredibly difficult.  I wish I liked it.  I wish the positive aspects would override my right now, but I suppose it will take time.  Dedicated exercise has always been difficult for me.

Oddly enough though, in Vienna last year, I was walking way over 10K steps each day with no problem and enjoyed it.  Maybe I need to pretend I'm in Vienna.

My son and his friend will arrive here on Tuesday.  They've taken a slow vacation ride from Texas to Idaho and have seen some awesome things - I'm happy they had the opportunity to make that trip.  My husband and I took the same trip 31 years ago when we moved to Idaho the first time.

I applied to renew my passport Friday - had to expedite because the Vienna trip is next month - so that's done.  I would be some kind of pissed to spend all that money on a ticket and then not be able to take it because I didn't have a passport.

The house is a wreck.  We're having the entire house painted and there is stuff covered and crammed everywhere.  The bedrooms are in good shape since we're having company throughout the summer, so that's a plus.

There's so much to do, I've gotta get my ducks in a row!



  1. Good for you for getting out so early for morning walks; hope it gets easier!

    For me, it helps to have music, either the bouncy kind for energy, or the sappy new agey kind to encourage sort of a walking meditation where I can focus on the sights around me or the feel of the breeze or whatever. But I also have to mix it up, if I do the same thing too often it gets a little stale.

    Good luck keeping all the healthy stuff going, and can't wait to hear about Vienna, so cool you are going again!

  2. If it's that hard to get up for the early walks (which I TOTALLY understand), I (still) say do something else instead. It's never gonna last if you are miserable making it happen. :(

  3. It does get easier to maintain an exercise routine the longer you do it...I agree with Gwen, though. If you continue to dread super early walks, you might need to find another time that works for you.

  4. So...did you walk this morning???? I'm doing Zumba tonight and I'm planning on running early tomorrow morning. It's so difficult to get back in the habit!!!

  5. I haven't been able to find my groove with exercise either. I'd really like an elliptical or something at home to use. I'm hoping to swim this summer but so far the rain has not allowed that.


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