Monday, June 8, 2015

This exercise thang I am...

...thinking about this exercise thang.

And yep, I got up this morning and walked.  And yes, I still detest it and I'm sure I will for a while.  I'm inherently lazy unless there's a purpose.  However, a few years ago - 2010 time frame - I was walking at a pace of 5 miles/hour in the humid DC summer weather.  There were several Saturdays that I walked half marathons just for the hell of it.  At the time, I had a higher goal - a higher purpose.

But I hated it then too.  While I got into the habit of it, it wasn't a part of me.  I wish I could get the essence that Crabby or YumYucky have regarding their love...or at least strong like...of exercise.

Fast forward to now.  I know exercise not gonna help me lose weight, but I feel that now, more than ever, I've got to somehow incorporate it into my life.

That is something I really believe.

And I'm going to fight myself every step of the way.

So, which "me" is going to win?  I dunno - like a lot of things, I'll probably have lots of starts and stops.  This time is indeed yet another start, but it's better than not starting at all.

Several folks have commented that if I hate it so much, I should find something different or a different time.  At this point, that won't work for several reasons.  I mean - should I attempt to exercise after I've been up for a while and have worked at least a 10 hour day?  I *KNOW* that's not gonna work.  Lunch time won't work because I'm usually cramming in lunch between meetings or working while eating.  So morning time seems best

As far as some other activity - I gotta work in to something more rigorous.  Since regaining weight, my knees and ankles ache more often.  Something is wrong with my shoulder and I really do need to get an MRI - I don't know if I tore something in my shoulder or if the vertebra in my neck are all wonky again.  I'm still dealing with the swelling from the cellulitis infection in my left leg - that is quite the story.

So walking seems to be the thing.  Walking in the morning really seems to be the thing.  I'm fighting myself with excuses to NOT do it every morning, but I know every excuse is just a lie in a pretty package.

One good thing is that I'm really tired at the end of the day - I mean really tired, so I'm not staying up late and trying to get more sleep.  And getting more sleep is a good thing.

I'm often feeling negative about this whole weight thing lately and feel that it's coming through in my writing.  I'm trying to work through it and regain a healthy perspective.

Food was good today.  Yeah me.

That's about it for today.  My son and his friend are supposed to arrive tomorrow - I'm one excited mama!



  1. I do think it is important to find something you like. For absolutely years and years, I had no interest in walking. None at all. I was sure it was boring. I did a little treadmill at the Y and hated it. Outside was hot and humid. I wasn't a morning person. Then, one day, DH suggested we walk outside (this was during the half of the year that the weather is reasonable) during the late afternoon. And...I loved it. I loved walking with him, since we could talk while walking. In time, we bought a treadmill due to the hot and humid thing. And, I find I like walking on the treadmill just fine when I watch the DVR while doing it. Or, when I set up my iPad and read while walking (basically I have to not be thinking about the walking). In time, I've found that I also like the recumbent exercise bike (read or RV) at home or the elliptical at the Y (usually TV) or the rowing machine (TV).

    For me it isn't so much the exercise, it is having something to do while I'm doing it so I don't get bored. This is why swimming doesn't work as an exercise for me. You can't watch TV or read while swimming.

    The one exercise I find that engages me is weight lifting (mix of machines and free weights) or doing an exercise video. There are lots of exercise videos for free on Youtube (I have a bad knee so usually doing something fairly mild like Leslie Sansone).

    I don't know what you will like, but I think it is important to try a variety of things in different settings/situations to find out what you like. I understand about the scheduling issues. One possibility for you might be to do at least a couple of days of exercise on the weekend, leaving less time on the weekday that you have to do it.

    As for walking -- again, there are lots of ways to do it. Indoors or outdoors. Home or somewhere else. Even Sansone exercise videos. You can do it with someone, or watch TV or read a book or listen to music. Try the different ways see if you can find one that you like.

  2. I personally would definitely rather exercise after 10 hours of work, than get up at 4 am to fit it in. No brainer for me. But you gotta do, what you gotta do... :(

  3. Great job pushing through your workout.

  4. exercising after a long day is hard for me... I find all kinds of excuses not to. Have your tried listening to books when you are walking? I started listening to books in the car and now my commute isn't so stressful. May work with walking

  5. You will find the formula that works for you if you just keep trying things to see what works best for you.

  6. Good job keeping it up - it WILL get better with time!

  7. My daughter is a Kinesiology student in her last year at Queens University. She always tells me that the latest Scientific research proves that walking regularly improves insulin resistance 30% from must one walk! From there, it improves further but it has to be consistent. That information alone keeps me wanting to walk. Maybe something will click in you that you start to enjoy it!

  8. You still do have a higher reason to's because you know that regardless of weight and size that walking does your body good!!!! And you deserve to feel good and have a body that has been taken care of! We take our cars to get gas and oil changes...let's take care of our bodies!!!


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