Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A day on point

Well...here I am...

...I had a day on point.

The didn't start out differently than any other day, but it turned out that I had the best "on point" day in a long time.  There was no obsessing, I effortlessly made the right choices, and I just basically kept my ducks in a row.

Breakfast was a single scrambled egg with two slices of bacon and a piece of breakfast sausage.  Lunch was a salad - grilled chicken, a little blue cheese, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, and tomatoes.  It was such a pretty salad that I took a picture of it.

I didn't get to eat said salad until almost 2 pm and I was actually hungry.  I added some dressing, but I'm not a slobbery dressing person - I like it to accent, not drown the salad.

I shared my strawberries during a mid-afternoon meeting, but kept those dutch cocoa sunflower seed bite thingies - Somersaults - to myself!

I had a meeting that ran late, so I didn't leave until after 6 and got home close to 7.   This would normally mess up my day, but hubster made dinner - steaks and asparagus.  I was glad of it too!

I bought a Takeya Flash Tea thingie at Sam's last night.  I'd seen them before, but thought they were too expensive for my tastes, so when I saw it for less than $20, I bought it.  It's gonna make it much easier at work to have tea instead of soda.  I like soda, but I don't feel bad if I don't have it.  The cafeteria doesn't have tea and I don't always takes the time to pour a thermos of tea.  Water doesn't quite cut it for me.  Unsweetened tea is a much better option for me, so this is a good route.  I'm sure I could have gotten a regular old container and done the same thing, but that's not quite the point.

Overall, it was a pretty good day.  I'll take it!

And...I'll try...yet again...tomorrow!



  1. Oh yea....one on point day leads to another. That leads to consistency in eating on point. That leads to success!

  2. Yay on the perfect day of eating!

  3. Yay!!! I love effortless days!!!!! Now use that success to build an on point week! You rock!!!


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