Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A quickie I am...

...It's time for a quickie.

It's been crazy as all get out and all sorts of things going on.

Austin was awesome!  How could it not be awesome when I got to spend the weekend with my kids!?!?!

The wedding was good.  It helped a lot that I was the designated drive for my daughter.  The reception lasted 10 hours!!  10 full hours!!  On the drive back to Austin, I stopped at Whataburger to get food for my daughter - she needed to eat, so I ate.  Then on Sunday, we ate at Chuy's - my favorite Tex-Mex in the world.  I had a cup of tortilla soup and fish tacos.  The downer there was dessert, but it was split three ways.  Not a killer and I felt it was a good compromise.  I can remember a time where I ate the entire dessert by myself.  This time it was three or four good bites that I enjoyed and then it was done.

When I got home Sunday night, it was back to the routine and it's been on point since then.

Other things this week are that I got the results of an overnight oximetry test I did Monday evening.  Over an 8 hour period, I had 262 deep desaturation events.  In plain speak, my oxygen levels drop more than 5% in a two minute period.  The other ass-kicker is that my average oxygen levels are 84% and it should be 95% or greater.

No damn wonder I live my life tired!  Even when I try to get a good night's sleep, I can't!  I've become well-versed in the affects of sleep deprivation in the last few days.   I'm more than willing to fix this.  I don't know if the doctor will want a formal sleep study, another oximetry test with a CPAP, or go straight to a CPAP. 

Hubster and the kids all complain about how horrible I sound when I breathe at night and how terrible my snoring is.  As the kids so indelicately put it, " sound like two Orcas having sex."

I just wanna know how they know what Orcas having sex sounds like!

I'm excited at the prospect of having this issue taken care of.  It will have all sorts of little positive effects throughout a lot of areas of my life from just sleeping better to improving my blood pressure and yes, even to helping with my weight.  Not earth shattering improvements, but I'll take them!

On another front, I've done something to my hip.  It's been "catching" since Monday and when it catches, it knocks me almost to the floor.  A nerve gets hit or something and I just can't predict when it's gonna happen.  When I woke up this morning, I could feel it in my foot before I even got out of bed.  If it's not better by Friday, I'm gonna have an x-ray.

The food front has been good this week.  No freaking out and nothing overboard.  It helps so much that we've been eating at home.  I think hubster is back on board with what I'm trying to do.  Funny how hubsters are.  In my hubster's case, he really is an "action is louder than words" kind of fellow.  He feels like words get him in trouble.  In any event, I appreciate his actions.  For example, we had steaks the other night.  We had gotten back in to the habit of having a big ol' steak each.  This week, he took one steak and cut it in half.  The very thing to do.  Of course, it could be because the doctor told him to lose 30 lbs.

Anyway, I wanted to touch base with myself here.



  1. A 10 hour reception? WOW! It sounds wonderful, and tiring.

    Good job with the food.

    Don't delay seeing a doctor about those hip pains. You want to get whatever it is fixed before it gets worse. It won't just go away.

  2. sounds like you have been a busy gal! glad you have some resolution to the sleep issue..... a good nights sleep does wonder and will help EVERYTHING!!! hope your hip is better

    this is really a check in with ourselves... huh


  3. Don't delay seeing a doctor about those hip pains. You want to get whatever it is fixed before it gets worse. It won't just go away.
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