Sunday, September 6, 2015

Memphis I am...

...hanging out in Memphis.

We came to Memphis on Thursday night to surprise my father-in-law for his 80th birthday.  Because of various family dynamics, this was the first time all the siblings had been together in more than a decade.

The buildup to the visit - the anticipation - was a bit stressful wondering how it would all go.  Hubster and I just kept thinking that it was for his dad - who really deserves a wonderful time.  So far, so good.  Everyone is low-key and mostly behaving - there's a few odd behaviors, but they're being ignored and overlooked.

We arrived really late Thursday and are staying in a hotel.  They have made to order breakfasts in the morning, so I had an omelet in Friday morning - good choice.  Actually the breakfast choices have been on point - so no worries there.

Dinner on Friday was bbq - ribs, pork, beef, and chicken in Friday.  Good choices there and very reasonable portions of potato salad and slaw - seriously perhaps a 1/2 cup each.

Last night's dinner was the shindig - Ruth's Chris steakhouse.  I did okay there.  I ordered a ribeye and it was only okay.  But what was I doing?  I was eating it past the point of nutritional need...and it wasn't even "all that".  When I had that realization, I stopped and gave the rest to hubster.

As for the rest of the meal, my daughter and I split a baked potato and I didn't have all of it.  I dunno - they're not my thang.  Then hubster and I split the spinach au gratin and there were leftovers of that too.

For such an expensive restaurant, I was surprised at the size of the portions.  I *love* to eat and I thought they needed to show that the portions were big enough to share.  While others said their food was really good, I thought it was just so so.  Given the bill - over $1000 for 10 people - I didn't think they lived up to their reputation.  I wouldn't choose to go there again.

The other issue is alcohol.  There's a lot of free-flowing alcohol.  While I have had wine, I've sipped slowly or else had tea.  I've volunteered to be the DD for my family, so it's working out okay.  But it will  still amount to an entire bottle over these 4 days.

This particular post has been a bit interesting.  I'm typing it from my phone - it's felt a little more diary-ish.

There's a lot more I want to say - but it will have to wait.  It's my turn to shower!



  1. I went to Ruth Chris for the first time this year and could not believe the prices! I shared a steak the second time I went. I looked up the calories of their chopped salad and almost had heart failure! Eating out is tough...but glad your breakfasts are easy to navigate. I ate off plan myself this week due to restaurant eating.

  2. I've only been tor Ruth's Chris once on a date. He paid and I still thought it was overpriced.

    Stick to the BBQ in Memphis!

    Good luck with the family.

  3. Wow, sounds like you did a fantastic job of sensilble eating under really challenging conditions! And a bottle of wine over 4 days does not exactly sound like a bender... a tiny bit over 1 drink a day? That's well within recommended limits even if you did it all the time, which you don't.

    I'd say you did really great and hope you managed to have some fun along the way!


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