Sunday, January 17, 2016

Being low-key I am...

...being low-key.

We're still recovering from Friday's events.  Hubster with his gimp shoulder and me with my painful, swollen face - well, let me just say that we make quite the pair.

The swelling in my face is something to see.  I can see my cheek without looking in a mirror!  The swelling is making it painful - not the stitches or anything.  I'm not one for pain meds, but I'm taking them regularly to stay on top of the pain.  Hubster is being kind to his shoulder as he should and I think he may already be getting a little more mobility with it.

Quick side note - to continue our streak of luck, the washing machine went out last night with a load of towels.  I'm glad it was towels and not little pieces of clothing.  Where's a washboard when you need it?

Hubster and I went grocery shopping yesterday.  A new, swanky (relative to this area) grocery store had a grand opening yesterday and the competing grocery stores had amazing sales as a result.  There were some awesome prices, some BOGOs where they hadn't jacked the prices up, and some awesome coupon deals.  We stocked up on salmon, chicken, and pork.  I've seen some recipes lately that I'd like to try.

Food-wise, yesterday was again just okay.  Calorie-wise, it was fine; nutrition-wise, just so-so; my DIP-wise, not so much.

There's a local dairy around here that serves ice cream and grilled cheese sandwiches since both the ice cream and cheese are made in-house.  I've heard folks rave about the grilled cheese.  Now I've always liked grilled cheese (done my way, of course), but since I try not to eat "white" food, I've not tried one.  Until yesterday.

Can I just tell you it was a big disappointment?  Such a let-down particularly given that I ate the stupid bread in the process.  I was telling hubster what I thought and he said I had listened to others and built-up in my head how good the sandwich was going to be and so was let down when it didn't meet expectations.  Hubster said simply, "It's just bread and cheese."  Sometimes I wish I had his clarity.  He's right, of course.

That was it until dinner.  We had bought some chicken wings, so we just heated them up.  The label said there were no carbs in them, but there was something on them.  Anyway, we split them down the middle, but I ended up giving a couple of mine to hubster.

Later in the evening, I had one of the no sugar treats I recently purchased.

So going back a few paragraphs, my food intake might have fulfilled a few parameters, but the purpose was missed; I hit the target, but missed the bulls eye.

Since I've been on the antibiotic and the pain meds, I've been retaining water like it's nobody's business.  I missed my weigh this morning, but the scale was up 4 pounds yesterday and I can feel it in my hands today.

I was replying to a post by another blogger earlier today giving some words of encouragement.  While I was writing it, I thought that I needed to tell myself the same thing.  I deserve the same encouragement and the words also apply to me.

Self - don't beat yourself up over what you did yesterday.  What's the one thing you can do today to make yourself better?

I will try again today!



  1. So sorry you are having to go through all of this!! Be sure to drink lots of water, it will help with the fluid retention, oddly enough. Hugs to you!!

  2. I so often find myself giving lots of encouragement and praise to my friends but not to myself. That is a good lesson for me.

    I hope you and hubster both recover quickly. Have you tried icing your cheek? That could help with the swelling.

  3. Sorry to hear that you are having a bit of a time with the pain meds and water retention. Give it the time and it will rectify itself!

  4. I agree, try not to beat yourself up. You had a lot to deal with and you should pat yourself on the back instead. I used to beat myself up all the time and so I speak from experience :) I for one am proud of you because you got through a very scary situation with your hubby and then this endo thing. Found you through Kailani and just popped in to say hi.


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