Monday, January 4, 2016

First day back to work I am... was my first day back to work after two weeks off...and it could have been much better planned.

Backing up to yesterday, I made an awesome cabbage dish with bacon and onions along with chicken breasts for dinner.  It was some kind of yum.  I cooked the chicken in an air fryer I just bought and it was awesomely good.  Very juicy on the inside.

I had planned to take the leftovers to work with me today...and I promptly forgot.

Hubster knows that I'm trying to get and stay on track, so in his sweetness, he made some eggs this morning.  He scrambled a few eggs and then put them in the pan to cook until they were cooked all the way through.  They were terrible and reminded me of frozen, microwaved eggs.

After I got to work - at 5:45 am - I touched base with a few coworkers - one of whom is losing weight and is down 28 lbs - and then went on my way.  I realized I was actually still hungry so I went to the cafeteria and bought 2 slices of bacon and a sausage patty.  That was good.

Then I was flat out busy until after noon.  I had forgotten my lunch, so that meant the cafeteria.  That's fine - there's a salad bar, but it seemed like an awful lot of work today.  I settled on a cup of taco soup.  I think it probably does measure out to be an actual cup because it wasn't big.  Then it was back to work.

Come mid-afternoon I was starving - like stomach-churning starving.  The cafeteria was closed, I had no snacks - that left the vending machine.  Luckily I don't generally like vending machine stuff, but I remembered my coworker and headed to her office.  Fortunately she had a drawer full of snacks, so I grabbed a handful of pistachios.

I left work at 5 and was ready to be home.  I have a 30 minute drive to/from work and it seemed to take forever.  Once home, hubster was already home and he was tired from the first day back as well.  Instead of cooking, we decided to go to Famous Dave's.  I had naked rib tips, catfish, and a salad.

And that was it.  It wasn't a horrible day, but it wasn't an "even" day.  There were too many ups and downs and too much time figuring out a solution.  I would have been better served if I had planned and remembered.  I've got to get a snack drawer or something with items that are good for me.  There are a shit-ton - yes, that's a measurement term - of candy dishes around the place, so I need to be careful of those.

On another note, I think I mentioned previously that I had an oximetry study, which led to a sleep study.  The results were that I have severe obstructive sleep apnea with an AHI score of 80.  The 80 represents the number of times in an hour that I stop breathing for at least 10 seconds.  YIKES!  Not breathing for more than 800 seconds each hour is a big no-no.  As a result, I've had a CPAP since early November and things are going well.  I'm sleeping better and longer with less than 5 apnea events per hour, which is normal.
That's it today.  Probably no update tomorrow as it's a late day.



  1. Overall, you really did pretty good first day back. I know how backed up one can get from 2 weeks off....I paid in spades today. :: hugs ::

  2. I think your first day back sounded pretty good all things considered! It could have been MUCH worse!

    Definitely fill up a drawer with healthy snacks!!!!

  3. I think you had a fine day back at work. It takes a while to get back in the groove after time off. It seems like you made some very good choices in hard situations. Be pleased with that.

    Funny thing, my husband suggested Famous Dave's last night but then decided to save it for later this week.


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