Sunday, January 10, 2016

Things that piss me off I am...

...thinking about two things that pissed me off today.

The first was this morning.  Hubster and I are at the dining table drinking coffee and reading the newspaper - yes, a real newspaper!  Anyway, there was a full page ad for a new weight loss program called Nutrimost.  It piqued my interest, but the ad gave few details at all.  I looked it up on the internet and it is the biggest crock of shit I've ever seen.  They have new "technology" (read: scam) that matches the resonant frequency of your cells to the food you eat.  There were tons of testimonials for quick weight loss.  However, the weight loss comes from the 500 calorie/day diet they have you on.  All this for a reasonable price of $2100.  Yannow, this makes me want to go to their offices and picket!

It just pissed me off.

Later in the morning, I was folding clothes and saw a commercial that said, "Food is Love!"  WHAT??!?!?!?!  Food is not love, food is nutrition and sustenance.  And while that was supposed to be the point of the commercial, that mark was totally missed.  It's just such a messed up message when you consider what a messed up view many folks have of food - from both the overweight and underweight perspectives.  On top of that, I don't need the noise in the background quietly reinforcing shit that's not true.

I spent part of the afternoon catching up with blogs.  I actually spent some time on YouTube looking at various vlogs - first time I'd done that.  Gotta keep the inspiration/motivation up.

Food was good today.  Bacon and eggs for breakfast; dinner was sausage and blackeyed peas - all from fresh - nothing canned.  I had one of the snacks I received the other day.  I've decided it's okay to have them.  They're 60 calories and no sugar.


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  1. Yikes? 500 calories a day...scary! And I am sure that people are FLOCKING to it because people want a quick fix. They are not interested in putting in the hard (yet SOOOOOO Satisfying) work needed to reach their goal!


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