Sunday, April 24, 2016

Time flies and exercise I am...

...It's amazing how time flies!

Since my last post, I not only survived the Memphis trip - I survived a trip to Charleston as well.

It's been a busy, busy time, but then again it's always a busy time anymore.  I don't see it lightening up any time soon.

The trip to Memphis was a success.  The trip to Charleston was an overall success.  My eating wasn't perfect, but I didn't have any out of control moments either.  I enjoyed foods that I can only get there - fresh seafood and good ol' SC barbeque.

I've decided that I'm going to weigh less - it's turned into a stressful "thing" instead of a "check". 

The bigger issue for me at the moment is exercise.  I can feel myself getting less limber and my joints are aching more and more.  My left knee seems to hurt all the time.  My inner internet doctor tells me that is quadriceps tendonitis.

I tend to think that all of these aches and pains could be helped guessed it....EXERCISE.

I *hate* to exercise.  Just *hate* it.

A friend of mine and I have tried to get into an exercise routine - just walking one day a week, but both our schedules have gotten in the way and we've walked exactly two times, though we do plan to walk this week.  She and I have talked about why I hate it so much particularly given that she likes it.  I'm trying to figure out how to develop her attitude to no avail.  The good thing about this friend is that she stays positive even when I'm a whiney brat about the whole thing.

Another new - fit - friend has also offered to walk and exercise with me.  She's being a bit pushy about it, but I'm not offended by it.  Rather I think about how she has her mindset.  I keep thinking that I will exercise with her and then cancel if I want.

That is definitely the wrong attitude.  I keep all my other commitments - why the hell can't I keep an exercise commitment.

Cuz I hate it!!!!!!

Anyway - after hubster and I took showers this morning, I asked him if he wanted to go for a walk.  I was trying to be pro-active.  Of course, he said yes.  He told me later that he said yes because he knew that if he'd said no, I wouldn't have gone.  He was right.

So we go for a walk - and I didn't enjoy it at all.  To me, the best part about it was when it was done.  But I did it.  There's no sense of accomplishment for me in it for some reason - I'm just glad it's done.  However, I hope I can talk myself into doing it again.

After we got home, I did some chores and checked out some online workout videos.  I did a beginner's one - it was much more enjoyable, but still not a favorite activity.

I don't know how to get my head straight on this.  I know all the benefits - particularly as I get older.  Do I just need to bitch my way through it?  Fake it till I make it?  I don't know.

Establishing an exercise routine is going to be quite difficult for me to do.  But I'm gonna start and stop until I start and don't stop.



  1. I hate exercise too. To keep myself on track in my 20's I got certified to be an instructor. If I was teaching I had to go. However, that was a long time ago. I've not found anything to make me like exercise and I am certainly not in instructor shape these days. I hope you find something that works for you. If so, pass it along. It may work for me as well.

  2. I don't know the magical words to make it better. I won't say I love to exercise...but I do know that I like the freedom to eat a few more bites of something that exercise affords me!!!! I will also say if walking is that dreaded try to find something that is the least offensive!!!

  3. I don't love exercise to be honest. I have found that there are situations that I enjoy more than others. For example, I find that I mostly like going walking with my husband -- I don't really like it that much so I am distracted by having him to talk to when I walk. Over time, I've learned to cherish that uninterrupted time for us to talk. I also find that I don't like it if I have to walk too fast -- whether outside or on the treadmill. I do better walking longer rather than faster. But, I found walking for 45 minutes on the treadmill tedious (even when I was watching a DVR show). So, now, I walk 20 minutes then take a break and walk another session after the break. That is way more manageable for me.

    And, try different things. For example, I like the elliptical a lot. Not sure why, but I like it more than the exercise bike for example. I had a rower for awhile and I found I didn't like it in part because I couldn't read while using it since I couldn't turn pages (on ebooks). Have to find what works best.

  4. Yes! Fake it til you make it! You also might try finding some other women to walk with. I know there have been times when walking with hubby did not lift my spirits because I knew in my heart he wasn't really into it. makes a difference! But not always easy to find someone else. Truth is, none of this is easy though. I have many times had to "go through the motions" but my hard work has ALWAYS ended up paying off. Keep trying - you will find your niche. Be proud of yourself that you are still searching and not giving up!! Bravo!

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