Sunday, May 15, 2016

On track I am...

and I'm on track.

It's been a good weekend and I've gotten a few things done.  I've got some soreness going on, but most in my forearms - weird - but it's nothing unbearable.

The highlight of the weekend was yesterday.  Given that I've committed to exercising 4, four, yes FOUR!!! times a week, I realized that I needed to get some pants of some sort.  So off to the store I went.  When I arrived, the sales clerk asked me if I would like to enter a drawing for a free workout outfit.  I told her only if I won.

Well - I entered and I won!  I got the pants, shirts, and sports bra - my choice of whatever was in the store.  Yeah me!  I bought another pair of pants, so now I will have a pair for each day I *exercise*.  I don't normally mind wearing something twice (is that bad?), but the exception is workout clothing.  I won't have time to wash in between workouts and I don't want to wear them twice, so now I'm prepared and that excuse has been removed.

I also bought a Fitbit yesterday.  So far, so good.  I can see how it could get you motivated.  I've been checking the damn thing all day today.

In addition to our chores out and about town yesterday, we had planned to walk on the way home.  Well, it rained cats and dogs.  To be honest, I was glad because that meant that I didn't have to walk.  That's terrible, but that's what I felt.  So that meant that I needed to walk today.  I committed to the trainer to do this, I am trying to do better, and I want to keep my word.

I still didn't want to do it though.

I get my chores done and I get ready to walk. started raining like crazy.  This was a sign that I didn't need to walk - at least that's the way I wanted to take it.  But I did - I got on my elliptical for 50 minutes.  And still, I disliked all of it.  The chattering that went on in my head to keep me on that elliptical was nonstop.  I fulfilled that commitment for this weekend.

So now, I work out with the trainer tomorrow and then I've got three days to get a long walk in.  This should be doable.  There really are two of me - one trying to talk me in to it; one trying to talk me out of it.

I just checked the Fitbit.  I've got 10102 steps for the day.  Yeah me!

Food was pretty good today.

On a different note - does anyone know what happened to  I love Crabby McSlacker!


Saturday, May 14, 2016

First Workout I am...

I did it!  I had the first workout with the trainer yesterday.

Funny thing is - I don't know what I think about it.

It was quite challenging, but the trainer was supportive and firm.  He did a good job of pushing me, but not pushing me too far.  He had the attitude of "we're here to do a job, so we're going to do it."  I wish I could adequately describe it.  The gym itself is in an old car dealership service center with six bay doors - quite industrial with everything you need to do what you need to do.  What was missing was all the bullshit you usually see at a gym.  It was very much an industrial feel and I'm very happy about that.  I'm glad I won't feel any self-consciousness about the struggles of working out.

When I got there, we chatted for a few moments and he took a bunch of measurements.  I had taken some pictures before I left the house, so I'll have them for comparison.  I will just share here that my body fat measurement was at 45.5%.  Even though there's a lot of inaccuracy associated with the calipers, it's probably good enough.  Besides, I done some other calculated measurements and they are in agreement.  As the trainer had previously explained, the first meeting was really a total body strength assessment to see where I currently am.

This is what I did - in order as best I can remember:
  • 5 minute walk at 2.5 mph on the treadmill
  • 2 sets of 15 pec flies;10 lb weights; 30 sec rest between sets
  • 2 sets of 15 dumbbell rows; 20 lb weights; 30 sec rest; alternating arms
  • 2 sets of 15 leg presses (machine); 110 lbs; 30 sec rest
  • 2 sets of 15 lat pull downs (machine); 40 lbs (?); 30 sec rest
  • 2 sets of 15 ring push ups; body weight; 30 sec rest
  • 2 sets of 15 triceps push downs (machine); 50 lbs (?); 30 sec rest
  • 2 sets of 15 bicep curls; 20 lbs; 30 sec rest
  • 2 sets of 15 leg raises; body weight; 30 sec rest
It was all hard, but I think the weights were probably about right.  On the arm work, at the end of the first set - like #14/15, except the curls and flies, it was a struggle; at the end of the second sets, the last 5 were a REAL struggle with the very last one being a failure.

The ring push ups were a struggle - I couldn't get the hang of them for a bit.  When I did, it was a huge challenge.

On the leg presses, we started out at 65 lbs, but jacked it up to 110.  We will move that weight up in short order I think.

The VERY hardest thing to do was the leg raises.  My body was a bit elevated from the butt up with one knee bent.  Seems easy to just raise your leg up.  SHIIIIITTTTTTTTT!!!!  That was hard - REALLY HARD!!

In light of the news this week of the Biggest Loser issues with much slower metabolism after all the weight loss, I wanted to talk about how we would ensure that wouldn't happen with me.  Given that the contestants were working out upwards of 10 hours a day and living on 600-700 calories, I don't believe I will have that problem.  Besides this is a life style change for me - not a drastic, reality show.

After working out with him, I met a co-worker who was working on her day off and having a bad day.  She is quite fit and wanted to walk to relax.  Her idea of walking to relax was a two mile walk!!! Walking was NOT something I wanted to do right after that workout, but I did it.  She felt better I think and I got a nice example of fitness in action.  I've got a long way to go on that, but I'm working on it.

The rest of the day was active, but I was really tired - muscle tired.  I woke up today expecting to be really sore.  While I feel it, I'm not too sore at all.

In addition to meeting with the trainer two days per week, I've committed to walking 45 minutes 2 other days of the week.  While I would like to include yesterday's walk, I think that's probably not the up and up thing to do.  So, I'm going to walk today.

I'm looking at various trails around here - it is Idaho after all!

In light of all the goodness, I did have a good chunk of weakness.  After hubster and I went to dinner, we stopped at Dairy Queen and I got a medium Blizzard.  I probably should not have done that, but I did, so I'm just gonna move on from it.

I've had a few other food struggles lately, but I've been catching myself before going off the deep end.  That chatter seems to be abating for the moment - I just wish I knew how to totally damn it off.

It's almost as if since I'm going to be working out, I won't need to worry about my food.  Some may say that's the case, but I don't believe that AT ALL.  I don't think the working out is going to make me lose weight - it will help with my strength and my physical health, but it won't have the huge impact on weight loss that some folks believe.  My way of eating will make the difference in the scale.  I will have to remind myself of this often

Working out will make me look like a strong, fat woman; eating properly will make me look like an out of shape, thin woman; BUT, working out and eating properly will make me look like a strong, lean woman.

I have to learn this and believe this.  It has to become a part of what I am.


Monday, May 9, 2016

Trainer meeting I am...

...I had a trainer meeting this evening.

Yesterday, I made plans to meet with the trainer at my house - no commitments, just a chat.  As luck would have it, I was late leaving work, but still in enough time to get home.  When I got home, the contractor was here working late on the laundry room, the dogs were barking up a storm, the oldest dog had an accident, and I had forgotten that I had moved furniture into the exercise room.

I quickly took the dogs out, used the bathroom, unlocked the door to the exercise room since it opens from the outside, and started back upstairs when the doorbell rang.

Instead of coming through the house, we entered through the outside door and just chatted for about 45 minutes.

He liked all the equipment I have.  He wants me to add a ball and some exercise bands.  I thought that was odd since I have lots of machine weights, free weights, and medicine balls along with an elliptical.  Oh well - he's the trainer.  He offered to get them and just let me reimburse him.  That works for me.

We had a back and forth discussion about my history, my motivation, my goals.  He also talked about his philosophy.  In short, we seem to be in sync with each other about fitness beliefs and diet.  He was all up in the high fat, moderate protein, no added sugar way of eating.

We've agreed to meet twice per week - Mondays and Fridays.  Mondays after work at my house and Friday mornings at his private gym.  He said the sessions are intense and heavy and that 35 minutes was enough, but that the total would be about an hour.  Outside of those sessions, he wants me to get my heart rate up on two other occasions during the week for an extended period.

I tried to explain to him the depth of my procrastination, the lengths I'll go to drag ass, how adept I am at "planning", the excuses I can come up with.  He basically just glossed over it and paid no mind to me.

Good on him.

Let's see how this goes.  Today was step one.  Friday is another step.  One foot in front of the other.


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Moving along I am...

 ...moving along.

Happy Mother's Day to all the kinds of mothers out there.

I've been doing a lot of reading and planning - planning as a means of procrastination I think - about exercise.  I've gotten a couple of walks in, lifted a little bit of weight, lamely attempted to work out to a few videos for people who hate exercise.  It's too bad that just watching the videos or thinking about exercising doesn't count.  Hell - I'd be up on a stage all oiled up and winning a body contest if that were the case.


My thoughts have taken a turn regarding exercise lately.  I keep thinking that I'll exercise and have the body like I had in the old days.'s not gonna happen.  I don't think it's even possible for it TO happen.

I've had a change in mind of being healthy when I'm old.  I don't want to be one of the old folks I see lumbering about because they have little to no muscle.  I want to walk with purpose when I'm old dammit!

I want to build some muscle - real muscle - so that I will be healthier and be able to support all those innards of mine.  Muscle will help my joints - all of which are arthritic.

In five years - hell, in one month - I don't want to be doing what I'm doing now.  And what I'm doing right now is regretting that I didn't start sooner.  My body could have been in much better future shape if I had started earlier.  But now, I've lost some of the traction that I would have had by starting sooner.

I don't want to lose any more.  I don't want to be any less than I can be.

I'd like to be a cougar before I'm a skinned leopard.

So...hubster left for a business trip this morning.  I got up, took a shower, and took him to the airport.  I then drove over to a little park area in town and walked.  I had previously walked this area and noted the large pond.  I mapped it on and saw that it was 0.33 miles around the pond.

Hmmmm.....a 5k is 3.1 miles.  If I walked it 10 times, I would walk a little more than a 5k.

And that's what I did.  I walked around that damn pond 10 times and then walked a little more to cool down.

The rest of this day I've been staying active - grocery and chore shopping and organizing my office.  Lord have mercy was that a job!!  It's taken the brunt of the remodel and will be the last thing to be remodeled.  I have to shovel it out every so often.

Throughout the day, I've been thinking about what I need to do to sustain forward movement.   My first thought was that I would walk a 5k every day. 

Yes!!!!  I'm going to do this and do it right and be perfect and be the best example and be all on board and no have any problems and not have any issues and hell, I'll even get up to 5 miles a day!!!  Well - that's not gonna work.  Perhaps I can commit to one mile or 1.5 miles every other day, but not every day.

Then I started thinking about the weight stuff.  I think weights are even more important than the walking.  But being that it's me, thinking and doing are definitely two different things.

I read a couple of good websites about weight lifting and body building for old, fat women.  There was some good advice.  Basically, you don't have to be perfect, you don't have to do 25 things, you just have to do a few things.  You do have to have good form to help ensure you don't get hurt.  That got me to thinking further about my girlfriend.  My good girlfriend - that hateful wench :-) - had previously given me the contact information for her trainer.

I'd been planning to call him.  And finally today, I did.  We talked for a few minutes and are planning to meet tomorrow - either at his gym or my house.  We are actually deciding as I type.  I don't know if I'll keep a trainer long-term, but I do want someone to teach me proper form as well as the most effective exercises.

I'm a little excited and a little scared - not of the exercise, but of failing - of starting and quitting.  Of having this bullshit procrastination continue on and on.  It's such an easy default, but I am trying to change it.