Saturday, May 14, 2016

First Workout I am...

I did it!  I had the first workout with the trainer yesterday.

Funny thing is - I don't know what I think about it.

It was quite challenging, but the trainer was supportive and firm.  He did a good job of pushing me, but not pushing me too far.  He had the attitude of "we're here to do a job, so we're going to do it."  I wish I could adequately describe it.  The gym itself is in an old car dealership service center with six bay doors - quite industrial with everything you need to do what you need to do.  What was missing was all the bullshit you usually see at a gym.  It was very much an industrial feel and I'm very happy about that.  I'm glad I won't feel any self-consciousness about the struggles of working out.

When I got there, we chatted for a few moments and he took a bunch of measurements.  I had taken some pictures before I left the house, so I'll have them for comparison.  I will just share here that my body fat measurement was at 45.5%.  Even though there's a lot of inaccuracy associated with the calipers, it's probably good enough.  Besides, I done some other calculated measurements and they are in agreement.  As the trainer had previously explained, the first meeting was really a total body strength assessment to see where I currently am.

This is what I did - in order as best I can remember:
  • 5 minute walk at 2.5 mph on the treadmill
  • 2 sets of 15 pec flies;10 lb weights; 30 sec rest between sets
  • 2 sets of 15 dumbbell rows; 20 lb weights; 30 sec rest; alternating arms
  • 2 sets of 15 leg presses (machine); 110 lbs; 30 sec rest
  • 2 sets of 15 lat pull downs (machine); 40 lbs (?); 30 sec rest
  • 2 sets of 15 ring push ups; body weight; 30 sec rest
  • 2 sets of 15 triceps push downs (machine); 50 lbs (?); 30 sec rest
  • 2 sets of 15 bicep curls; 20 lbs; 30 sec rest
  • 2 sets of 15 leg raises; body weight; 30 sec rest
It was all hard, but I think the weights were probably about right.  On the arm work, at the end of the first set - like #14/15, except the curls and flies, it was a struggle; at the end of the second sets, the last 5 were a REAL struggle with the very last one being a failure.

The ring push ups were a struggle - I couldn't get the hang of them for a bit.  When I did, it was a huge challenge.

On the leg presses, we started out at 65 lbs, but jacked it up to 110.  We will move that weight up in short order I think.

The VERY hardest thing to do was the leg raises.  My body was a bit elevated from the butt up with one knee bent.  Seems easy to just raise your leg up.  SHIIIIITTTTTTTTT!!!!  That was hard - REALLY HARD!!

In light of the news this week of the Biggest Loser issues with much slower metabolism after all the weight loss, I wanted to talk about how we would ensure that wouldn't happen with me.  Given that the contestants were working out upwards of 10 hours a day and living on 600-700 calories, I don't believe I will have that problem.  Besides this is a life style change for me - not a drastic, reality show.

After working out with him, I met a co-worker who was working on her day off and having a bad day.  She is quite fit and wanted to walk to relax.  Her idea of walking to relax was a two mile walk!!! Walking was NOT something I wanted to do right after that workout, but I did it.  She felt better I think and I got a nice example of fitness in action.  I've got a long way to go on that, but I'm working on it.

The rest of the day was active, but I was really tired - muscle tired.  I woke up today expecting to be really sore.  While I feel it, I'm not too sore at all.

In addition to meeting with the trainer two days per week, I've committed to walking 45 minutes 2 other days of the week.  While I would like to include yesterday's walk, I think that's probably not the up and up thing to do.  So, I'm going to walk today.

I'm looking at various trails around here - it is Idaho after all!

In light of all the goodness, I did have a good chunk of weakness.  After hubster and I went to dinner, we stopped at Dairy Queen and I got a medium Blizzard.  I probably should not have done that, but I did, so I'm just gonna move on from it.

I've had a few other food struggles lately, but I've been catching myself before going off the deep end.  That chatter seems to be abating for the moment - I just wish I knew how to totally damn it off.

It's almost as if since I'm going to be working out, I won't need to worry about my food.  Some may say that's the case, but I don't believe that AT ALL.  I don't think the working out is going to make me lose weight - it will help with my strength and my physical health, but it won't have the huge impact on weight loss that some folks believe.  My way of eating will make the difference in the scale.  I will have to remind myself of this often

Working out will make me look like a strong, fat woman; eating properly will make me look like an out of shape, thin woman; BUT, working out and eating properly will make me look like a strong, lean woman.

I have to learn this and believe this.  It has to become a part of what I am.



  1. Great job with your first workout! Love that you are looking at hiking and walking; I think that, combined with the gym work, will help you feel really strong.

  2. congrats on making active steps to get where you want to be. I honestly believe some people can moderate some sugar, but most of us can't. I think it lies completely in our weight. If one has been very overweight, likely they will find moderation successful long term. And if one can't successfully moderate, they need to learn to just accept that, OR accept the excess weight. One or the other. I can't moderate sugar/chocolate. I can accept that, or I can accept being overweight. I can't have it both ways. Until one accepts that, the body and mind will continue to struggle, because of their body's biological need to keep the cravings alive. I've just seen it over and over and over again.

  3. Good for you for following through with the work out. It seems like that first one is always the hardest. You'll only get better from here. I'm sure you'll get your eating in order soon enough. It is an upward spiral. You'll not want to wreck the workouts with bad food choices and you'll not want to wreck your good food choices with skipping a work out. You have got this!

    I so want to get to a place where I walk for stress relief!


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