Sunday, May 15, 2016

On track I am...

and I'm on track.

It's been a good weekend and I've gotten a few things done.  I've got some soreness going on, but most in my forearms - weird - but it's nothing unbearable.

The highlight of the weekend was yesterday.  Given that I've committed to exercising 4, four, yes FOUR!!! times a week, I realized that I needed to get some pants of some sort.  So off to the store I went.  When I arrived, the sales clerk asked me if I would like to enter a drawing for a free workout outfit.  I told her only if I won.

Well - I entered and I won!  I got the pants, shirts, and sports bra - my choice of whatever was in the store.  Yeah me!  I bought another pair of pants, so now I will have a pair for each day I *exercise*.  I don't normally mind wearing something twice (is that bad?), but the exception is workout clothing.  I won't have time to wash in between workouts and I don't want to wear them twice, so now I'm prepared and that excuse has been removed.

I also bought a Fitbit yesterday.  So far, so good.  I can see how it could get you motivated.  I've been checking the damn thing all day today.

In addition to our chores out and about town yesterday, we had planned to walk on the way home.  Well, it rained cats and dogs.  To be honest, I was glad because that meant that I didn't have to walk.  That's terrible, but that's what I felt.  So that meant that I needed to walk today.  I committed to the trainer to do this, I am trying to do better, and I want to keep my word.

I still didn't want to do it though.

I get my chores done and I get ready to walk. started raining like crazy.  This was a sign that I didn't need to walk - at least that's the way I wanted to take it.  But I did - I got on my elliptical for 50 minutes.  And still, I disliked all of it.  The chattering that went on in my head to keep me on that elliptical was nonstop.  I fulfilled that commitment for this weekend.

So now, I work out with the trainer tomorrow and then I've got three days to get a long walk in.  This should be doable.  There really are two of me - one trying to talk me in to it; one trying to talk me out of it.

I just checked the Fitbit.  I've got 10102 steps for the day.  Yeah me!

Food was pretty good today.

On a different note - does anyone know what happened to  I love Crabby McSlacker!



  1. Do you listen to music when you walk? I find that some peppy music keeps me going.

  2. OK, that is one of the HARDEST things to do when you've already talked yourself out of exercise, and you're not in the mood, and conditions are all against you, to find a way to make it work and keep going anyway. YAY YOU!!!

    And Crabby is back! I have no idea why after over 8 years my blog suddenly had all the wrong DNS settings and disappeared. But got it fixed. Now I just have to actually write something.

    And congrats on winning the workout outfit drawing, sounds like a sign from the universe that you're on the right track!

  3. I listen to books while I am on the treadmill or elliptical. It tends to silence the voice that keeps telling me to stop.


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