Sunday, June 5, 2016

Still kicking...slowly I am...

...and I'm still kicking...slowly...cuz I'm sore!

I'm still working out with that evil man twice a week - he is kicking my ass...and laughs while he's doing it.

All in all, it's going well.  I still do not like doing it, and while I actively dream of cancelling before every session, I'm starting to feel a little bit better after the session.  During the session, I sometimes feel like I'm being tortured; other times, I want to push myself to be better, stronger, harder.  While I would not push myself the way he pushes me, I definitely push through when I'm working out with Mr. Evil.

I still get pretty sore after the sessions, but it's not insurmountable or anything.  I'm starting to feel that my balance is getting better and I'm starting to feel stronger.  I would like to say that I can see a physical difference, but that is not the case.  There's an awful lot of fat covering those beginning muscles.

Enough of the negativity - I'm doing a good thing here.  Another good thing I'm going to do is go ahead and pay him for another 10 sessions.

I've been thinking about food lately - spurned on by conversations with Mr. Evil.  He talks about what he eats - we do eat similar foods.  But lawdy...the amounts are different.  Even though it's good stuff, it's still too much of the good stuff and my body just can't sustain that.

I can see it in lots of ways.  For example, it's not the fact that I order a medium instead of a large.  However, I do feel like I'm accomplishing something when I don't order the largest.  In reality, I should order the smallest because in almost all cases, it would be nutritionally sufficient.  And while I almost always bring leftovers home when we eat out, I shouldn't be ordering so damn much food in the first place.

Overall, I've lost about 2 pounds in the last few weeks - since I started working out I've pretty much stopped weighing so often.  While that's decent, I should be doing better.

When I smoked, I quit hundreds, if not thousands, of times.  If I had not continued trying, I would still be smoking, but at some point it stuck - cold turkey no less.

It is similar with my weight.  I've had some success, some failures, and something in between.  I'll continue trying until the success is permanent.  One day, I will conquer this fascination with food.

All in all, I think I'm moving forward in a positive direction.



  1. Two pounds gone forever and probably more because you are gaining muscle. Good for you!

  2. Girl, it happens to so many of us. Glad you are sticking with the training. I'm trying to make it a habit to eat half (or less), and bring the rest home. Good luck!

  3. Two pounds is fantastic! Go you!!!!!!

  4. I'm proud of you Lucky Mama!��


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