Sunday, July 17, 2016

Lack of Progress I am...

...suffering from a lack of progress.

Self-induced, but frustrating nonetheless.

I'm still working with the trainer, though we've had scheduling conflicts over the last two weeks - on his part and mine.  We'll be back at it tomorrow.

One struggle I've had lately is back pain.  It's been a real bitch.  I can't really predict what's going to cause it.  It will be excruciating and I'm barely able to walk; later, it won't hurt at all.  I've had a couple of massages and am seeing a DO.  I think he's helping, but it still hurts every day.

On the food front, I continue to struggle.  I'm not doing anything to gain weight, but I'm not doing enough to lose weight.  My weight is wavering between the same 3 pounds for the last...forever it seems.

As far as losing weight goes, I feel like I no longer know how to do anything even though I've been successful in the past.  I don't know where that feeling comes from or even how it comes on.  One minute I'm fine and feeling like I've got this; the next minute, I'm feeling like a failure and just want to throw in the towel.

It doesn't help when you read about the success of long-term weight loss - it's miserly.

Even with this, I still feel more positive than not; I've just got to get my shit together and keep it together.

Since I don't have a magic pill, I will have to continue trying to make changes to some long-lived habits.  Maybe that's the magic pill - changed habits.  Those pills are hard to come by, but I've got to believe, that with hard work and some strong effort, I'll be able to have a permanent prescription.



  1. I feel you; I truly do. It's not easy breaking the emotional ties to sugary foods. We can do this! :)

  2. It seems all my blog friends are in this place right now. Surely, that means something. I don't know what, nor do I have any sage advice or remedies.

    Keep doing what you know to be right.


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