Monday, August 8, 2016

In a zone I am... a zone.

Things have been good lately.  Things seem to be falling in to place in my head - nothing high, nothing low - just even and level.  Decisions are easy at the moment and I can see the road and the goal ahead.  All the bullshit is just falling effortlessly by the wayside.  If I could bottle it, I would because the struggle right now is minimal.  Seems hard to believe that I could ever feel any other way.

I've got to learn how to maintain this strength, this resolve for a lifetime.  I've always told myself that it all matters, but in the end "all" really isn't that much.  I have to be kind to myself, I have to make time for myself, I have to be mindful in making food choices, and I have to be patient.  If I can continue to do these four things, I can reach this goal that has seemed, at times, insurmountable.

Exercise has always been an issue for me - it's not something I naturally gravitate to and I've had back issues lately, so I have to be mindful of that, but I've come up with what I think may be a solution.  Now all I have to do is DO IT!

I meet with Mr. Evil twice a week and we concentrate on weight lifting.  He really does kick my ass - it is never easy and he refuses to believe that I'm a fat old lady that can't do it.  I have to say he is one of the most encouraging people I've come across.  I might even secretly say that I'm enjoying....nevermind...I'm not say that.

That's the only exercise that I've committed to, though he has told me that I need to get 45 minutes of brisk activity on two other days.  While I've been more active overall, it has been hit or miss.

I'm pretty busy at work most days, but it can vary from walking everywhere to where I get close to 7500 steps or it can be a "meeting" day where I get few opportunities to get some steps on the activity monitor.

Given this scenario, I've committed to myself that I'm going to finish each day on the elliptical with the goal of reaching 10000 steps.  If I've walked 7500 steps by the time I get home, I only have to do 2500 steps; if I've passed the 10000 step goal, I'm golden.  However, if I've only done 3000 steps, that means I have some work to do.

As far as the back stuff goes, I've seen everyone - chiropractic, physical therapy - all of it.  The thing that is working is a deep-tissue massage every two weeks.  It has helped me a ton.  I also use a heating pad every day for about an hour after I go to bed at night.  I'm not a pill-popper, so that's not on the table.

I hope, hope, hope that I can maintain this mentality, this frame of mind.  I'll work to make it happen.

One last piece of exciting news for me.  My daughter and I are going to see both Adele and Sia - two days apart in Austin in November!  Yeah!!!  


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  1. Sounds like you are in a good're right...if we could only bottle it!


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