Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Well...here I am...

...I haven't felt good the last couple of days.  Actually stayed home yesterday - I have postherpetic neuralgia as a result of the shingles.  Not the greatest.  Work, however, never stops.  Was on phone and email all day yesterday and today was nonstop from 7-6!

Hubster's travelling and the contractor started destruction of the deck in preparation for a new one.

I've stayed on track - I've done quite well actually.  I think the sugar is out of my system and so cravings are way down.

I'm gonna have to watch the nuts at work.  Nuts are okay in my book - the eating kind and the people kind - however, I just flat out like eat, so it could be a bad combination if I'm not careful.

Having said that - the scale was up three days in a row - 3.4 lbs over the course of the three days; however, it was down today.

That sort of thing is frustrating, but I know I've been eating fine, so it was just nature's way of playing with me I'm sure.  The tough part is knowing that you're doing the right thing and it doesn't automatically translate into a measureable result in the time *I* feel is reasonable.

Patience.  This isn't for the short term, but for the rest of my life.  I can't give up before I've even started.  Besides, *I* know this works - it did before, it will again.

Some trains of thought believe you shouldn't weigh every day, but I need to.  I need the accountability and I need to understand this is a relatively slow process.

One thing that happened today that has me in a bit of an upheaval is that I've been asked to speak at a national conference at the end of July.  Can I just say it makes me a little...a lot...nervous?  I talk in groups and in front of people all the time, but I generally know a lot of the audience.  Not in this case.

On the good side, that gives me almost 4 months to make some good, solid progress with this albatross around my neck.