Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Well...here I am...

I will be going to work tomorrow since I didn't win the lottery tonight.  Oh well.

The stress level has been pretty high.  My job would be much easier if it weren't for the people.  We're also STIL remodeling our house.  Currently, the master, my office, the media room, and the kitchen are in the midst of some type of renovation.  I'll post pictures one day.

Food-wise, weight-wise, mind-wise - I'm working on it each and every day.  I've been trying to stick with the no added sugar/no white food thing.  Some folks don't think it's a good idea, but I believe I'm starting to learn that I just can't...I just can't.  It doesn't lead to good things for me.

When I was successful way back in 2014, it was from cutting out white foods and I felt great.  The toughest part was kicking the initial sugar craving and trying to ensure I had some variety.  Even with that though, I'm also learning that during the week, boring is good.  I'm so busy, I don't want to have to think about what/how to cook.

This past weekend, hubster cooked 8 monstrous chicken breasts and roasted a huge bag of broccoli - I've fallen in LOVE with roasted broccoli.  He also roasted a bunch of red and yellow peppers and fresh green beans.  I roasted some brussel sprouts.  That's what we've been eating this week and while it's boring, it's working for me.  Breakfast is the toughest for me, but I have some tuna, cheese, and stuff like that.

I've got some funky hormonal issues going on that I'm trying to get figured out.  One doctor wants to try some really crazy shit.  While I'm about willing to try anything, I'm not willing to do stupid.  I had an appointment with my regular doctor, but he had an emergency so I had to see another doctor who was just a complete asshole and offered no discussion or help.  So I have to wait until January to see my regular doc.


It's a work in progress.  Right now, I'm strong and trying to figure out what it is that's making me strong, so I can pull from it when I'm not feeling so strong.


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  1. Alas, I didn’t win either!!!

    It sounds like you are making nice steady progress forward! And roasted broccoli? I usually steam...I am going to have to try roasting!!!


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