Friday, April 12, 2019

04/12/2019 I am...

Still plugging along and moving in a forward direction.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday - I'm down a total of 32 lbs.  The doctor is happy with it and I'm happy with it.  Everything is not perfect, but I think I'm learning my way to getting this weight off and being healthy for the rest of my life.  I appreciate Dr. Jason Fung's approach of fast follows feast follows fast.  And no - it doesn't lead to an eating disorder.

I'm still fasting, but I've switched up the fasting schedule.  Previously, I would fast from Sunday evening to Wednesday noon with regular meals after that.  I would always have coffee with cream in the mornings regardless.  That worked quite well and lead to good weight loss, good blood work, and a host of other good things.  The frustration for me came from daily weigh-ins, which is something I need to do.  It was becoming frustrating to only realize a real weight loss over the course of a week due to water weight after breaking a fast.

So I changed my fasting schedule.  Now, I do one LARGE meal a day on most days, one day total fast, and one or two days with two meals a day. My total caloric intake is about 1200 calories or more a day.  If I must have something during a fast, I'll have a fat - a few almonds, a small slice of avocado, etc., something that won't illicit either a glucose or insulin response.  This is more manageable for my lifestyle and still allows me to get the weight off.  My overall nutrition scheme is still fibrous veggies, moderate protein, and good quality fats.  I've also removed added sugar from my nutritional scheme and I feel so much better.  On a side note, my joints stopped hurting and I don't ever feel sluggish after I eat.

And yes, it is a high fat diet, but it's good fats - avocados, nuts, olive oils, etc.

I've also had a few interesting situations lately that have given me some real "lessons learned" (to borrow from work) to remember and both deal with eating at home versus dining out.

The first is that I'd much have people over to our house so that I can control the menu.  Last weekend, we invited a couple over for dinner and they were going to bring the dessert.  This was fine with me because they always bring the same dessert, which isn't a hot sugary mess.  Well - not so this time.  They ran out of time and brought a disastrous concoction from a local bakery.  I had the smallest slice possible.  And seriously, I felt like complete shit the next day.  So did hubster.  He's been following along with me by proxy (and has lost weight as well!)  We didn't even get out of bed until after NOON!  I haven't done that in more than 20 years!!!  I felt like I had been hit by truck - sluggish and just all around yucky.  The lesson learned here is that I will also provide the desserts from now on.  I've taken to baking with nut flours; I get plenty of compliments on my dessert adaptations.

The second lesson is that hubster and I rarely eat out anymore - mostly because we don't live in town and have to drive in to town to get to go to a restaurant and don't pass any on the way home from work.  This past week, we decided to go to town and try a restaurant.  It seems that eating out can be difficult, but on the appetizer menu, I found a roasted brussels sprouts and cauliflower dish that had bacon bits, feta, and olive oil throughout that sounded scrumptious!  That along with a side of grilled chicken made for a delicious meal.  I was able to maintain my nutritional scheme with minimal effort - I was pretty happy with myself.  That lesson was pretty much an internal lesson, but a lesson all the same. 

Life is forever busy it seems, but for now at least, things are moving in a forward direction and I'm able to keep the ups and downs from becoming mountains and abysses by maintaining a realistic frame of mind.


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