Sunday, June 2, 2019

06/02/2019 - Still here I am...

I'm still here plugging along.  It's unbelievable how busy life gets, yannow.

Work, as usual, is nonstop with longer hours than usual.  Relative to my health and weight loss endeavors, I would say it's been a win.

When I last posted, I was going to switch my fasting to the OMAD regime where you guessed meal a day.  The issue with one meal a day and I believe this is what's happened to me is that my weight loss has slowed because I'm NOT EATING ENOUGH.  From what I've read, it's not necessarily.  Right now I'm down between 34-36 pounds.  So slow over the last month, but still less than before.

For 2 of the weeks since I last posted, I was in two separate week-long meetings with national and international visitors that went from breakfast through dinner.  Eating and drinking was part of the agenda it seemed.  The thing that I found wonderful about it all is that I was able to make good food choices in the various situations and, believe me, there were several times it was taxing.  Dinner with colleagues after an already long day can be stressful.  Anyway, while I didn't show a weight loss, I didn't have a weight gain either.  That's a win.

So, I'm switching to alternate day fasting.  I'll continue to skip breakfast each day, but will keep my coffee with the heavy cream.  At this point, I plan to fast just 2 days a week - basically the long fast I had before broken up over the course of the week.

Folks have been commenting on the weight loss.  Women at work come to my office for one reason or other and then invariably ask me what I'm doing to lose the weight.  It always sparks a great conversation.  For the most part, I've not encountered any naysayers.  I just try to make sure that folks understand that you do have to keep your electrolytes in check.

Relative to my nutrition, I've been looking at my protein sources and I want to introduce some plant-based protein sources into my diet.  It seems they've been villified for so long, but I'm learning and trying to get over some of my bias and optimize my health and nutrition.  I honestly think this is a hormonal issue for me and not just a calories in/calories out deal.

The ups and downs I encounter are still reasonable and manageable; I'm not letting them become mountains and abysses (I liked that in my last post).  The choice becomes much easier when it's eat/don't eat I think.  I'm glad I found Dr. Jason Fung and his fasting philosophy.  It's working for a lot of people relative to their Type 2 diabetes and weight loss is a just a happy consequence.  I'm not a diabetic, but I do need to get this weight off permanently. 

I would love to blog more, but I'm not sure lots of folks check in anymore.  I just want to remember where I'm at at this moments in time on this journey.